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JK Sucralose Inc., located in Yancheng , Jiangsu Province, is the largest professional Sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest one in the world.


JK Sucralose Inc. is The only Chinese company ever to voluntarily join the US ITC-337 Intellectual Property Right investigation and is finally won the case; Designed Long-term Annual Capacity of 12,000 Tons; The only Chinese Sucralose enterprise with its direct-sales branches in the United States, Europe and Japan; One of the enterprises drafting the national standard for Sucralose in China; Independent Intellectual Property rights applied by JK include 20 processing patents in China and 4 processing patents in US.


JK Sucralose Inc. always and will continuously ensure the high quality and consistency of our products. Our manufacture facilities are  ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, and Sedex certified. Our sucralose is  Kosher and MUIHALAL certified and strictly complies with the FCC10、USP40-NF35、EP9.0、EU 231/2012 (2008/60/EC)、GB25531 and Japanese standards.


JK Sucralose Inc. spares no effort to create sweet solutions for the health of humanity, as well as to demonstrate JK's own social responsibility inecological environment, social public welfare undertaking, social well-being system etc., thereby to achieve the company's sustainable development, to construct a world of sweetness for consumers.

JK Vision

  • Be the leader in the global sucralose manufacturing;
  • Provide comprehensive sucralose product ingredients, matching low-sugar products and  professional services.

JK Mission

  • Help people enjoy sweetness with minimum pains due to too much sucrose.

Core Values

  • Loving career, loving staff and loving life are the sources of JK concentration. JK pursues the happiness of material and spirit for all the staff while creating value for users and society.

JK Spirit

  • Focus and profession, innovation and creativity;
    Dedication and Commitment, cooperation and win-win;
    Customer first, manage diligently.


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